Monte Parker


My parents are both writers, and because of this I swore to myself I would pave my own way, do something different and DEFINITELY not writing-affiliated. But… here we are!

I am a junior at Indiana University Bloomington, but I’m not sure I belong in the mid-west. I might venture somewhere coastal in the future, or perhaps to Colorado, where much of my family resides.

I have a wide variety of interests, but the overarching umbrella for these is my passion for life in general, and exploring all that there is to experience. I want to develop new skills, build new relationships, learn about cultures, and discover the deepest parts of myself.

My soulmate-friend, Sofia, told me that people’s lives are like elevators. Whenever we try something new, we gain a new floor. So in this way, I am trying to constantly gain new floors, aka new levels of life experience. I strive for Quantity, AND quality, and this blog, Healthy Life Perspectives, is where I will share my experiences, and learn from others.




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