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7 Best Ways To Learn A New Language (as quickly as possible)

Living in Italy, I realized that I should have studied Italian A LOT MORE before moving here. To try to catch up as quickly as possible, I am using ALL of these tips on an almost daily basis, and they are helping so much. So here are my 7 best tips to help you learn a new language FAST.

  1. Read a book around your reading level, and look up any words you don’t know. Learn them immediately as you are reading, and often they will come back up later in the chapter or book, which will help you learn them faster.
  2. Watch Netflix shows or movies that you have already seen, dubbed in the language you are learning. You can use subtitles, but I find that it helps to leave them off, so you’re forced to really listen to what they are saying.
  3. Listen to audiobooks in the language you are trying to learn. For books, it helps if it’s a book you’re already familiar with/have read in your native language. I like to run while listening to these.
  4. Find podcasts and apps that will help teach you the language. I downloaded the podcast “Coffee Break Italian,” and I have found myself already using the words and phrases it has taught me! Duolingo is the best app that I have found for learning the language.
  5. Download podcasts about news or culture in the language you are learning. While they may not teach you the language in a tutorial form, it helps to be listening to native people speak their language.
  6. Immerse yourself in the language however you can. An example of this is changing your laptop or phone language to whatever language you want to learn. Change your Netflix language, change whatever you can. Try to dive into it fully.
  7. Try out the app Tandem. This app is perfect for meeting people who speak the language you want to learn, and who want to speak the language you already know. With this app you can trade information and help each other learn languages through texts, games, audio messages, or even video chat.

Learning new languages is important because it helps us connect to others. Though English is taught all around the world, I believe native English speakers should learn AT LEAST one other language. Doing so refines your interpersonal skills, makes you more sympathetic to other cultures, and allows you to be more curious and understanding about lives different from yours, which is crucial for a healthy world.

These are the things I do that help so much. Hope you have the same success! Thank you for reading πŸ™‚



17 thoughts on “7 Best Ways To Learn A New Language (as quickly as possible)”

  1. Great tips! I have been living in Oslo where the native language is not english BUT Norwegians LOVE to speak english and also my job is all in english. It kind of stinks being some place where you aren’t forced to learn it! But these are some great tips! Netflix, apps, and short news articles are what I usually try to use, but I like the podcast and audiobook ideas!

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