How To Make Pasta Without A Pasta Maker — As Taught By A True Italian

My first week in Italy, my program took an “excursion” to the countryside of Bologna to learn how to make pasta from professional Italian chefs! I took some notes and decided to recreate it by myself in my own little apartment. Here is what you can do if you want to make pasta by hand, as taught by Italians:

Ingredients for 1 serving: 100g of flour (3/4 cup) and 1 egg.

To double or triple the servings, simply double and triple the amount of flour and eggs!

I purchased my “Farina” (flour) and “le uova” (eggs) from a “mercato” (market) down this adorable street, a block from my apartment.



For my personal serving, I measured out 3/4 cup of flour and grabbed 1 egg, and put them on a plate.


I used my fingers to arrange the flour like this–create an outer ring so that when you crack the egg, it’s trapped inside the flour, but also leave flour in the middle of the circle to mix with the egg.


Add the cracked egg to the center of your flour circle


Using a fork, start whisking and folding the two ingredients. Keep adding more flour from the outside ring until it’s thick enough and starts to solidify into dough.


Once it’s solid enough, you can pick it up with your hands and start kneading the dough.



*As the chef taught us, there are secretly FOUR ingredients to pasta: flour, egg, the air, and your energy. 

He was constantly making sure we were kneading the dough with our fingertips first, and then with our full hands, and that we were applying enough force but not too much.

You will know when the dough is “ready” when it no longer feels wet, is golden, and starts to have an aroma.


Next, dribble some flour over your workstation, so that the dough won’t stick to the surface when you roll it out with a rolling pin.


Roll it out as thin as possible without creating rips and holes in your dough.


(I put my dough on another surface so I wouldn’t scratch the table with my knife)

Here, you roll one side of the dough all the way to the middl.


You do the same with the other side so that the two sides meet in the center and resemble a scroll.


Now, you start to make cuts in the “scroll” to make your pasta noodles. You can cut them as thin or as thick as you prefer.


Once you have cut the entire dough, you can slide the dull side of your knife underneath the middle, and lift up. The dough will unroll down the sides of your knife to show you your pasta noodles, like so!


Then you gather all your noodles, put in a covered bowl or container until ready for cooking.


When you choose to cook the noodles, boil some water, and then add the noodles. They will only take 1-2 minutes to cook! Then add your sauce and toppings, and you are finished! Buon appetito!

I really hope you enjoyed this tutorial! It was so incredible learning how to do as the Italians do, it enriches my experience here so much. Enjoy your pasta! 🙂



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