Stranded at IKEA… in Bologna, Italy!

I landed in Bologna 4 days ago and it’s been quite an adjustment! I’m trying to learn where everything is, buy enough supplies for my apartment, learn the language (I’ve only studied it for 2 years at college) and basically make it through the day successfully.

Well, today was a disaster.

Today looked like this: you and two other girls walk to train station ⇒ stumble around not sure where to go ⇒ can’t understand busses so you take a taxi to IKEA ⇒ stumble around the wrong parts of the store ⇒ call a taxi only to find out they don’t service the area ⇒ look up Uber and Lyft to learn they can’t help either⇒ walk to bus stop ⇒ realize the bus stop is actually a train station ⇒ walk to other bus stop ⇒ realize you’ll have to transfer buses and get overwhelmed ⇒ walk to IKEA shuttle stop ⇒ wait for half hour to get on the shuttle ⇒ shuttle to the original train station ⇒ take a taxi to the apartment ⇒ treat yourself to gelato for dinner

It was an absolute mess. We were stranded and stressed, and I had to lug around a whole cartful of IKEA “essentials” in a bag on my shoulder.


But luckily, the gelato tasted good


and I got to see some pretty things earlier today



Today was difficult but it was an adventure!–and how can I complain? I’m in Bologna!




7 thoughts on “Stranded at IKEA… in Bologna, Italy!”

  1. Hello there. Several years ago my wife and I flew to Italy. Our first stop was Bologna. A marvelous city: an old city; a city full of life, great food and one of the oldest universities on the planet. Thank you for taking a look at my post and I certainly will be a follower of yours. Take care. Bob

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