Make Exercise Fun ~ Colorado Series


In Colorado this week, I had the incredible experience of watching the Rockies play the Cincinnati Reds. I watched the players sprint like crazy to catch a fly ball and throw their bodies on the ground to reach a base.

This got me to thinking:

Exercise feels effortless if it’s part of a game.

These players are more focused on getting their opponents “out” than how their muscles might ache from physical activity.

I remember playing sports in high school and not even realizing I was physically exhausted until after the game, whereas now my physical pain is usually the first thing on my mind while working out in the gym.

Our main mission on our health and fitness journeys should then be to MAKE EXERCISE FUN, so that you don’t notice you’re working out.

The problem with exercising occurs when exercise is the ONLY thing you’re focusing on. If you’re focusing on running 3 miles just for the sake of running, you might easily get bored or annoyed that you’re just stuck running for what seems like an eternity. However, if you’re running during a soccer game, you get so focused on dribbling the ball down the field or defending your goalie to realize that you have been running for 20 minutes straight.

If you used to be an athlete but have been struggling to even go for a run recently, join an intramural sports team! Go play with a local team once a week, maybe get a group of friends to play basketball or volleyball at a local gym.

Another idea is to make exercising a social event, so that the exercise comes naturally and feels effortless. If your friends want to all hangout, suggest going for a walk around the river, or take a dance class all together! Use your companionship as an excuse to get active.

Exercise with a purpose: Hike to see a beautiful view, Rock-climb to reach the top of the cliff, Sprint to catch a fly-ball, use your core and arms to box an opponent, squat to dig a volleyball, jump to catch a football, etc.

You can work all of your muscle groups without realizing it if you just trick yourself into making exercise FUN.

I’m curious, how do you guys like to make exercising fun? Do you prefer just going solo to the gym, or do you like to do it as part of a group? What keeps the spark alive for you?


Pics from the game

IMG_4925.JPG         IMG_4894.JPG

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24 thoughts on “Make Exercise Fun ~ Colorado Series”

      1. It’s so fun and a great workout–alone or against someone! You’re always running and diving after the ball so it’s a killer workout and fun enough so it doesn’t feel like hard work 🙂

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  1. Hi, first thank you for visiting my blog. New blogger and I so appreciate it!
    I think your perspective on exercise as part of a sport is interesting. The problem I find with exercise is that I want the feeling of accomplishment after it’s over but don’t enjoy the process. It feels like work. So much in life should be about enjoying the journey and not just the destination.

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  2. I am a personal trainer and a baseball fan. Too many folks think of exercise as drudgery and boring. I put fun in my client’s programs. I rarely have them do the same thing twice, I don’t tell them what to expect. Baseball is a game of joy with so many things to consider when you play it. That is what exercise should be, fun and different.

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  3. I love the outlook of exercising with a purpose. I feel like it is so easy to forget that in a time when everyone goes to the gym for a strict regiment. Thank you for reminding me that exercise can and should be fun! 🙂

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  4. This is something I’m majorly struggling with. I find excercsie so boring. I’m counting down the minutes until I can finish. So this post will be really helpful. Hopefully get me motivated again.

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    1. That’s how I used to be with running! So now I grab some friends and go play volleyball at the gym. It’s not as great of a workout, but I don’t even notice I’m exercising cause I have so much fun, so it’s a tradeoff! 🙂

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