4th Of July Healthy Eating Tips

Happy 4th of July everyone! I love this holiday because it’s just a great opportunity to get together with people you love to barbecue and enjoy the hot summer air and beautiful fireworks at night.

However, this is also a time when people tend to snack ALL DAY LONG. Sure it’s fun to indulge, but it can leave you over-stuffed, bloated, and uncomfortable.

That’s why I have created these July 4th Healthy Eating Tips! They’re simple:

  1. Reach for the healthiest food option every 2 out of 3 times that you want a snack.

    If watermelon, veggies, chips, and cookies are available, reach for watermelon first, veggies second, and one serving size of whatever you want the third time. (Then repeat) *** If you’re drinking alcohol, then your next drink will be a substitute for your unhealthy snack.

  2. Drink a glass of water (big or small) every hour, or keep a water bottle in your hand.

    This will help keep you hydrated and full throughout the day.

  3. Take every opportunity to play a game.

    If cornhole is offered or people are playing with sparklers, play with them! If you make the most out of the activities that are offered, you’ll be having too much fun to reach back into the bowl of chips for the 8th time.

  4. If food is buffet style, make only one plate for yourself every 2-4 hours.

  5. Sit down to eat

    Sometimes people eat standing up because they’re moving around and talking with people, but take the time to sit down to truly focus on what you’re eating, so that you can be satisfied with the portion you have.

  6. Eat SLOWLY. Savor both snacks and meals.

  7. Let yourself indulge a little.

    If the fourth of July isn’t the same to you without a slice of that red white and blue confetti cake, then let that be your indulgence. You don’t need to go overboard and have tons of sweets, just get excited about that slice and make it count. That way, you’re not overdoing sweets, but you still get to have your fix.

That’s all, I hope everyone has a beautiful and fun-filled day today! What are you doing to celebrate? How do you like to stay healthy during the holidays?

My friend made over a hundred of these cute little cups. Happy 4th! πŸ™‚imagejpeg_1-1



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