1000 Followers In 2 Months!!

I am completely stunned and ecstatic to say that I have just reached 1000 followers! I started blogging April 27, and cannot believe the love and commitment I have received from each and every one of you in this timespan.

Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 8.14.47 PM.png

I created this blog to expand on my passion for communicating with people–sharing ideas and learning about different ways to live a healthy and fulfilled life.

The support I have received is incredible and I am so grateful for all of your views and comments–I love seeing your points of view, your struggles and your encouragement.

I want to take this time then to give back to you! This is your opportunity to tell me anything that you would like to see on my blog. What have I posted that you would like to see more of, or in contrast, what have I posted that you would like to see less of?

I want to make sure that you readers and followers are getting everything you want and need out of Healthy Life Perspectives.


Thank you all for everything, can’t wait to hear from you.




65 thoughts on “1000 Followers In 2 Months!!”

    1. Thank you for asking! To be honest, it’s not as regimented as it was. I got a very active job where I’m serving at a restaurant for up to 12 hours on a given day so I an too tired to keep up with the same routine. But I’m still incredibly active with the job, so I’m just focusing on eating well!

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    1. Thank you so much. And congratulations on your upcoming milestone! My tips are to post good content regularly, have a nice looking design for your site, and reach out to people as often as you can! πŸ™‚

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    1. Thanks! So yeah my blog is actually currently on a free plan! I have not paid a cent for it. However I am thinking of purchasing my own domain and upgrading. Anyone can reach a wide audience but you have to make a big effort to reach out to bloggers here and through social media!


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