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Become Wonder Woman

I just watched the Wonder Woman movie and I was inspired by her beautiful character traits. Here are the top qualities I noticed in her that we can all try to adopt.

Don’t ask for permission

At times, the men in the movie tell Diana she cannot do something or should not go somewhere, and she defies them saying that she doesn’t need their approval to go after what she wants.

Do what you believe is right

Through the whole film, she fought injustice and challenged those who were willing to compromise what was right for what was easy.

Know your strength

She grew throughout the movie because at the beginning she did not know her strength. By the end, she had discovered who she was and how to reach her full potential. Never doubt yourself.

Know that no one deserves you, but help them anyway

You are of the highest value and you are perfect just how you are, but you recognize when people could benefit by having you in their lives, and so you give yourself to others.

Fight with honor

She knows that to send bombs or to order other people to fight for you is cowardly because you do not yourself see your opponent’s face. She knows that a true fight should be up front, candid, and courageous.

Don’t be allured by evil

When tempted by a grand idea that would require sacrificing lives, she knows that the end goal is not something worth attaining if so many would have to die. Know the value of a person’s life and fight the evil forces tempting you.

Know how to use someone’s power against them

Your opponents in life may try to hurt or wound you, but if you see what they are doing, you can turn it back on them.

Be kind, gracious, and humble

Care for every human being, be open to new experiences, recognize the value in everyone else.

Know that love can change the world

The greatest combatant to the forces of evil is love. Love gives you strength, motivation, and power. Love is self-sacrificing and pure beauty.

Thank you so much for reading! Let me know if you saw the movie, and what you thought of it! Do you like the female superhero?




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