Sunday Slimdown Week 1

Week 1 of the slimdown plan is complete!

One week ago:

Image-1.jpg       Image-3.jpg


IMG_3868.JPG     IMG_3867.JPG

I almost lost 4 pounds this week (yay!),  but since I’m so tall I think it will be a while before I start seeing substantial body changes, because my weight will come off evenly from all over my body. But I do think my tummy looks a little flatter!

I made a running goal where every day that I ran I would increase my distance of running without stopping by 1/4 mile. My very first run was 1.5 miles straight, and then I ran/walked the rest of the 3 miles.

IMG_3029.PNG      IMG_3030.PNG

My second run was successful! 1.75 without stopping!

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 10.28.09 PM.png

My third run was rough. I was sore from a leg workout the day before, and it was 80 degrees (which is WAY too hot for me) and so I only went 1.25 miles without stopping, but finished my 2 miles at a decent pace and ran/walked the rest.

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 10.28.19 PM.png
I changed my phone to Italian to help me learn the language so that’s why it looks funny

My physical activity this week

Monday – Upper body + abs 

Bodyweight Only Upper Body Workout, Killer arms, shoulders, and upper back workout – Fitness Blender

Intense abs workout 10 mins flat stomach exercise – Chloe Ting

Tuesday – Cardio

1.75 miles without stopping, total 3.5 miles.

Wednesday – Lower body + abs

No Equipment butt and thighs workout at home, bodyweight lower body workout – Fitness Blender

Intense abs workout 10 minutes flat stomach exercise – Chloe Ting

Thursday – Cardio

Supposed to run 2 miles without stopping, only ran 1.25 and ran/walked the rest of the 3.3 miles.

Began serving at Texas Roadhouse, 4 hours of straight physical activity

Friday – Total body

44-Minute Full Body Workout – Fat Blasting Metabolism Boosting body weight workout 270-320 Calories

(I thought this was a little weird, I didn’t love this workout)

Saturday – Yoga

Served at Texas Roadhouse for 12 hours straight, very very exhausting, and all I got to eat the whole day was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich… yikes.

Sunday – Rest

(But also serve)


  • I had a lot of cake pops in the house, so I was eating those and actually gained a pound in the beginning of the week.
  • Working at a restaurant is difficult because I get very hungry and all of the options there are highly caloric.

Ways to overcome them:

  • I will not bake more unhealthy foods that will tempt me for days on end
  • I will pack healthy lunches and dinners for when I work so that I won’t be tempted to eat roadhouse food

Goals for this upcoming week:

  • Continue workout regimen
  • Run 2 miles without stopping by Thursday
  • Eat intuitively




39 thoughts on “Sunday Slimdown Week 1”

  1. It is a relief knowing that other people are working just as hard as I am (and harder) to achieve their dream results. Eating healthy, exercising and ect is pretty difficult to do in the world that we live in today…especially if you have a boyfriend or friends that can eat everything and anything that they want without gaining anything! It can be so frustrating and disappointing at times, but I am there with you. Keep up the good work but dont forget to live!!

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  2. What a difference a week makes! Excellent goals and plans 🙂 And yeah, serving is tough. Grueling, even. It’ll definitely keep you active and fit, though, if you control your eating! Which, as you stated, can be super tough when you’re exhausted and starving and surrounded by delicious, tempting fried food. Been there, done that…I understand the struggle. Wishing you the best of luck and looking forward to seeing more of your progress! 4 lbs isn’t too shabby at all! 🙂

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